Phạm Minh Khuê

This is the first time I’ve joined a study camp. I decided to chose LION ISLAND as the study tour to experience.

I spent 3 weeks here in Singapore to explore everything about this country. Our schedule started with visiting museum, gallery and some of popular places such as Art Science Museum, New Water Plant or City Gallery.

Everywhere I have been through always have the companionship of the leaders. They’re really kind, help us a lot whenever we need and always take care of us. Moreover when we have any difficulties, they’re willing to support us.

Besides visiting, we need to study for 3 hours per day at British Council. The teacher and atmosphere there is relax and I feel like I want to study when I’m here. Everything is good enough for me. I can explore about the people, social, and all the destinations. 

Universal Studios is the place that I love the most. I can spend a day here when I arrived in the first week.

To conclude, this is a worth camping and if I have a chance, I will attend this study camping more and more.


(Pham Minh Khue - 3 weeks camper from 18 June to 1 July, 2023)

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